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The eDiets prepared diet delivery food plan provides ready-made meals each week.
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eDiets Meal Delivery Plan - 1 FREE Week!

eDiets Review: Restaurant Quality Diet Plans Delivered Fresh to Your Door

Are you planning to finally go on a healthy diet? Do you want to resist ordering 24 hour pizza delivery? If your answer is yes, then you have definitely come to the right place. Here at eDiets, you can start living a healthy life with the delicious and nutritious meals delivered right at your doorstep. Eating the right food is definitely one step closer to a stronger and healthier lifestyle. Feel free to read on below to know more about eDiets.

Of all the major websites devoted to weight loss, few have the positive reputation that eDiet has. In addition to giving subscribers detailed plans for any low calorie diet plan, they now offer diet food delivered to your home. The Fresh Prepared diet delivery food plan provides ready-made meals each week delivered by FedEx.

Reviews of most diet home delivered food plans contain many complaints. For instance, foods provided are often dehydrated, canned, powdered, or artificial. They contain too much salt and they don’t taste good, like real food. Not so with eDiets food delivery. Dieters get to choose from over 150 delicious meal and snack choices.

How does the eDiets home delivery plan work?

You have your choice of 7 days per week or 5 days per week. The cost of the weekly food delivery with shipping costs works out to about $23 per day for the 7-day plan and $26 per day for the 5-day plan. There are many options for discounts, though. If you are interested in signing up for the plan, try chatting with an online agent, and he or she will probably be able to offer you a better price.

You will receive three meals and a snack for each day of the plan. The meals are already prepared, measured, and fresh packed on ice. They come in microwavable plastic trays with heating instructions included with each meal. The daily calorie count, if you only eat the food they send, will average between 1150 to 1670. Dieters are allowed to supplement the meals with fresh fruit or green salads.

The foods are packaged to stay fresh for up to two weeks as long as they are properly refrigerated. In fact, freshness is guaranteed. Nothing is canned or frozen. It is truly a real food diet.


Many people who wish to lose weight have trouble with portion control. That is, when they cook at home or eat out at restaurants, they have a tendency to eat too large of portions even when their food choices are healthy. The large portions mean the dieter doesn’t lose any weight. With eDiets Fresh Prepared meals, the portion control is already done.

You might wonder how these meals differ from diet entrees and TV dinners available from the local supermarket. Granted, diet entrees cost a lot less, but they are often heavily loaded with salt and preservatives. The eDiet choices are low sodium and all natural. Also, they are freshly prepared by chefs following a dietician’s program. This means they don’t have the tired flavor of a meal that has been frozen for months.

For people who have little will-power and little time for shopping, cooking, and cleaning up, a diet delivery plan can be a real boon! This is especially true for people who live alone. Imagine, no shopping, chopping, planning, measuring, or even washing dishes! And delicious, satisfying meals designed to help you lose those extra pounds with a minimum of discomfort.

eDiets Meal Delivery Plan - 1 FREE Week!
Here are some of the Fresh Prepared meal choices:

  • Lemon Herb Chicken with Wild Rice and Broccoli
  • Rosemary Pork with Brown Rice
  • Chicken Flatbread Pizza
  • Seasoned and Roasted Codfish with Summer Squash and Spanish Rice

Some of the breakfast choices include yogurt, muffins, and omelets.

Snacks include vegetable chips and portion-controlled sweets.

If the cost of the program seems a little steep, remember that you don’t have to shop for groceries or pay for meals out. Also, you will be more likely to stay on your diet because the choices are tasty, like real food, and are easy to prepare.

Possible Disadvantages

No one diet plan is right for everyone, and the same is true for the eDiet Fresh Prepared home diet delivery plan. For people who have to cook for a family, the plan may or may not be a good choice. It depends on your personal level of motivation. If you’re tasting the meals you’re cooking, you’re likely to go over your calorie count even if you don’t eat any of the family foods. And the simple presence of the family meals may make it doubly difficult to stay away from the extra food.

Those who wish to follow a vegetarian diet may find their choices limited, as will those who eat Kosher. The home diet delivery plan also makes no allowances for those who may want to follow other types of diets, such as low sugar, low carb, gluten free or diabetic diets.

According to one eDiet review, another factor worth considering is the ecological aspect of eating foods heavily packaged. The microwavable trays are recyclable, but there is a certain amount of trash generated through a program like this.

Some people do not feel comfortable using the microwave all the time. The diet food delivered can be placed on an oven-proof dish and warmed in the oven. That method will generate more dishes to wash, however. People who don’t like using the microwave all the time will probably prefer to cook from scratch.

The 5-Day plan is a better fit for people who need a little more flexibility. With this plan, you can cook or eat out two days a week. This option may make your weight loss move a little more slowly than the 7-Day plan, but it might be easier to stick with it.

Like Having Your Own Private Diet Chef!

Any eDiet review is going to point out that these people are experienced when it comes to weight reduction! Their dieticians have years of experience designing workable, tasty menu plans. A well-known food website called Epicurious.com rated the Fresh Prepared plan from eDiets as the best among all the similar home delivery plans. The eDiets plan also received a favorable review from Redbook magazine who labeled them “the best bang for your buck.”

Exercise is a Vital Element for Success

In addition to the food, eDiets provides a lot of personal support through their website and forum. Every plan comes with a fitness program that can be customized to the individual.

For instance, you may need to start with a daily 30 minute walk, but be able to work up to 30 or 45 minutes a day on an elliptical machine. The eDiets website contains a store filled with all sorts of books, dvds, fitness equipment, and dietary supplements all chosen to help the dieter reach their weight loss goals.

Exercise is an essential part of any successful weight reduction plan. Don’t overlook the effect of lifting weights when planning your program. Weight lifting increases your muscle mass which helps you look thinner and lose weight in two ways. First, muscle is more compact than fat, so it takes up less space even if you haven’t lost any pounds. Second, muscle tissue burns more energy than fat even when you are at rest, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. That means you’ll lose more weight!

Stretching and relaxation exercises can also help a person lose weight in a round-about way. If you happen to be a stress eater, learning to relax can help you beat the stress without the extra calories. Also, stretching helps muscles feel longer and more well-toned, and the exercises feel great!

Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Suppose you’ve been following the fresh diet delivery food plan for a number of weeks and have reached your goal weight. Will going back to “normal” food cause you to gain back your weight? With this program, it shouldn’t have to. After all, you’ve been eating real foods in appropriate portion sizes. If you’ve been following the low calorie diet plan for several months or longer, your eating habits should be retrained.

It might be helpful when coming off the delivered meals to keep a variety of better quality healthy entrees from the supermarket in your freezer. They make a nice quick meal when you don’t have time to plan and cook.

Another idea is to switch to the 5-day plan and give yourself a couple of days a week to get used to buying and cooking food again. There are many wonderful healthy cookbooks and recipe websites available, as well as good quality produce and frozen foods in virtually every market.

One thing is for sure, though. You can’t allow yourself to go back to the mindless, stress eating and inactivity that led to your weight problem in the first place. Take it one day at a time, weigh at least once a week, and get serious about your weight any time you see a few pounds starting to creep back on.


A diet home delivered meal program may seem like the ultimate luxury, but it could turn out to be money well spent. Nothing is worth much more than your health. If subscribing to a diet delivery plan like Fresh Prepared from eDiets.com does the trick, you’ll be glad you made the investment!

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