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Reviewed by Diet Meal Delivery on July 20.
Bistro MD Gourmet Meal Delivery!
Bistro MD will deliver healthy meals to your home. You can have low calorie diet meal plans, delivered right to your door.
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Healthy Food to Your Door: BistroMD Review

Have you ever wanted to have healthy and delicious meals waiting for you when you get home? Do you want to lose weight but can’t find the time to prepare the necessary food? Or maybe you don’t know how to cook healthy food, with all the contradictory information out there making the prospect feel rather daunting. Why can’t someone just bring healthy pre-cooked meals to our homes?

If you’ve ever thought that it would be nice to have your diet food delivered directly to your door, Bistro MD is the answer. It makes eating healthy both easy and delicious. A gourmet diet delivery service, Bistro MD takes the work and hassle out of providing nutritious and tasty meals for you and your family by delivering pre-cooked, ready to heat meals directly to your door. This service cuts out the cooking and cleaning and puts the focus back on what’s important: eating for a healthier lifestyle. So if you want your diet food home delivered and not worry about what to cook, this service is a great way to go.

Using their home diet delivery system is as easy as it sounds. You simply visit their website or call their toll free number to begin. Then you provide some information about your weight, overall health, and talk a little about your goals. This will help you and Bistro MD decide which low calorie diet plan is best for you. If high blood pressure is a problem, you might opt for the low sodium plan. Or if you have been trying to shed those pesky extra pounds, the weight loss menu might be a fit for you.

But don’t think you will be hamstrung by rigid menu choices provided by them. Once you have chosen your plan you are free to make personal modifications. They will modify your plan to meet any allergy or religious restrictions. They will also alter the menu based on your own personal preferences. Don’t like broccoli? Hate chicken? Just tell them and they will remove those items from your plan. Or you can tell them which foods you love and they can create a menu based on those items. After all, if you don’t like what you are eating, you won’t continue.

If you start getting bored with certain items, don’t worry. Unlike other diet delivery food companies Bistro MD rotates their menus weekly, offering up new and appetizing dishes all the time.

Don’t think that just because these are frozen meals planned and cooked with the highest nutritional needs in mind that the food will be bland. Bistro MD boasts a rich and varied menu covering all three meals plus those between meal snacks we all crave during our busy days. Not only are they nutritionally balanced, but they are safe for clients suffering from Type II Diabetes.

All the meals are prepared with high quality, fresh ingredients, ensuring that they are of the highest nutritional value.

  • For breakfast you can enjoy cinnamon sweet potato pancakes or mixed berry crepes with turkey sausage. You can also try their many varieties of omelets or the stuffed French toast. This certainly beats that routine bowl of sugary cereal and will ensure a strong start for your long day.
  • Lunch won’t come soon enough with choices like pineapple teriyaki meatloaf, pasta putanesca with chicken, sweet and sour shrimp, or a chicken and Moroccan lentil salad. And it isn’t just the main courses that will make your mouth water. When you get the blue cheese meatloaf, you will also enjoy broccoli crowns and cauliflower. The grilled pesto chicken is served with mouth watering charred tomatoes and cannelini beans. You will experience these complete meals in the middle of the day without having to brave the lunch crowds at the most popular restaurants. They will be waiting in your freezer.
  • After a long day at work what’s better than to come home to than a hot, mouth watering meal rather than stopping for a burger or ordering a pizza. Not having to prepare, chop, and cook dishes like beef tips with red wine sauce, apricot glaze pork tenderloins, cheese ravioli, shrimp gumbo, or turkey with cranberry quinoa will make them all the more delicious. You will have the peace of mind knowing that these, and many other, restaurant quality meals are not only easy and enjoyable, but healthy as well.
  • And the good people at Bistro MD have not forgotten those snacks and sweet treats that more often than not ruin fad diets. Instead of grabbing those greasy potato chips, why not enjoy their spicy chili nacho protein chips or lemon garlic potato protein chips? You will still get that energy boast you need without the subsequent crash that come from eating junk food.
  • If you feel like dessert, there is no reason to feel guilty. We all have a sweet tooth and depriving yourself completely is just as unrealistic as expecting to sustain yourself solely on cakes and candies. With that in mind they offer many tasty treats including cinnamon almond cookie bites and chocolate pudding. If you want something a little more substantial, they have a chocolate Swiss roll, which is a moist chocolate cake with layers of velvety chocolate mousse, all low fat of course. They also have four varieties of cheesecake all with a crunchy graham cracker crusts.

Bistro MD prohibits the use of chemicals, fillers, or additives, traditional ingredients of frozen meals, so you might wonder how they are able to maintain the freshness, moisture, and taste of their food. Each meal is prepared by trained gourmet chefs and, when ready, the dish is flash frozen to seal in their rich flavors and freshness. Once you receive your food, all you have to do is pop it in the microwave and you will be enjoying a balanced, healthy meal. What you are tasting is the fresh ingredients and fine cooking, not like a sub par frozen meal that has to use chemicals and additives to mask their substandard ingredients.

Bistro MD
in 2005 after she realized her patients had little understanding of how to prepare healthy meals at home that properly balanced nutrients. So she set up low calorie diet plans for them and had the meals delivered right to their doors. This way she was sure they were getting everything they needed in their diets. Dr. Cederquist has continued that practice at Bistro MD, sharing her expertise with clients in cities around America through regular food delivery, a crucial service bridging the twin gaps of misinformation about diet and inability to cook regularly. Her methods and advice are so well respected that she has appeared on nationally syndicated television shows like Dr. Phil dispensing advise on how to make healthy eating an important element in our lives.

Dr. Cederquist has fashioned this service to meet the very different needs of individuals. Recognizing the varying needs of her clients, Dr. Cederquist offers free support from trained dieticians. They help guide Bistro MD’s clients through the confusing and often treacherous world of food and help them make smarter decisions about what they put into their bodies.

Two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese and that should be a sobering statistic. We know that the way we eat is the major factor in this explosion of extra weight across the country. We’re eating more every day. It has been estimated that since the early 1970s our calorie consumption has increased by 7-18%. Greasy fast food is a cheap, easy meal and grocery stores are filled with inexpensive food chalk full of empty calories. Unhealthy food is abundant and cheap in today’s world and heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity are only some of the negative outcomes from these fat and sugar filled diets.

We all know eating better will not only help reduce our waist lines, but it also contributes to living healthier, more fulfilling lives. What we eat is the cornerstone of our health, promoting more energy and longer lives. We’ve all seen the nutritional pyramid and most of us have scratched our heads over how anyone can eat that much. Our very inability to understand this only highlights how crucial it is for us to stop thinking of food as something that fills our stomachs, but rather as our fuel. If we think we can’t eat 6-11 servings of grains or 3-5 servings of vegetables, it’s because our poor diets have slowed our metabolisms. Nutrient rich food and regular exercise will get that metabolism back up and help shed pounds.

But in our hectic lives who has the time to prepare all the meals of the day, let alone insure that they are delicious and nutritional? We’ve all had bursts of enthusiasm where we run to the supermarket and fill our carts with fruits, vegetables, and lean meats, sure that we would change our past bad habits just by having the fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. We might enjoy that enthusiasm for a day or two, but eventually our schedules distract us and we end up stopping for fast food just like before because we don’t have the energy to cook. The next thing we know we are cleaning our refrigerators of rotting vegetables and rancid meat.

For years there was no way to get on a low calorie diet plan without breaking the bank by buying food we’ll never cook or spending half the day in the kitchen. This inability has compelled many Americans to pull into a fast food restaurant or pop a frozen meal in the microwave, making us more and more unhealthy.

Dr. Cederquist and her associates understand how crucial eating right is to a healthy, active life. Not only is their service convenient to use, it promotes good health and longer living by educating its clients about food. This Bistro MD review is enthusiastic about their high quality diet food because it presents a simple option to rival the convenience of fast food restaurants. It is the perfect service for people who need or want diet home delivered food.

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