Top Diet Meal Delivery Services

Losing weight is probably one of the greatest challenges you will encounter in life. You will need to learn about diet planning, counting of calories, nutrition; the list goes on. With so many diet programs available and having different rules, it is no wonder why people are confused. That is why we decided to only review the best food delivery services.

Thankfully, those who aspire to lose weight can turn to diet meal delivery services. Several providers have carefully worked out a balanced meal program to cater to the nutritional needs of consumers. We no longer have to struggle with calories counting that takes the fun out of everything. Diet meal delivery services are a god-send to those who are unacquainted with the topics of nutrition and are too busy to prepare a healthy meal. Review the services below so you can choose the best option for your situation!


When it comes to achieving successful weight loss, sticking with reputable and reliable plans can help a lot. There are many fly-by-night weight loss plans out there, but Nutrisystem is not one of them. Nutrisystem was originally founded in 1972. And Unlike many other diet plans, this one is not a one-size-fits-all system. Instead, there are many flexible options available. If necessary, people may also create their own menus by picking and choosing from more than 130 different items.

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Medifast, is one of the best ways to have diet food delivered. Not only does this diet meal plan tell you the best food items that should be on your platter, but they also get the diet meal delivered to you. They have done their research and came up with special meal plans that help the clients to lose weight and also maintain a healthy lifestyle. What better way to get fresh food every day, without having to take out time from your busy schedule? Medifast has been on the scene for 27 years as of now. They have stood the test of time, and there is only on reason for that, the diet meals they deliver work! About $11 a day is needed to enjoy healthy meals.

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No matter where you stay in United States, Diet-to-Go is the company to turn to for prompt delivery. They offer vegetarian, low carbohydrates, low sodium or low fat meals. These meals are planed to provide around 1100 to 1200 calories for ladies and 1400 to 1600 calories for. Shipping takes place on a weekly basis and the meals come delivered in coolers with dry ice placed within to maintain freshness. The meals have to be microwaved. Prices are affordable; a five day plan with breakfast and dinner will cost around ninety bucks while those that includes lunch will cost an extra $20.

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The popularity of the diet food delivery company shot up considerably after it was introduced on the Dr. Phil show. The company has a group of professionals together with a nutritionist to devise a nutrients-packed meal for customers. Two types of meals are made available; the vegetarian meal or a low-fat meal. There is a minimum order of five day’s worth of meals which is set at a price of $145. A seven days plan would cost $180. Delivery is available to all regions of United States.

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eDiets Meal Delivery - 1 FREE Week!

At e-Diets, consumers are provided with an extensive selection of diet plans to choose from. Popular diets such as the Weight Watches and Atkins are available. Costs vary from one person to another depending on the choice of diet plans. A representative of eDiets has mentioned that , on average, the daily cost would be $22 inclusive of shipping.

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Hey Don’t Forget…

From the above descriptions, you will realize that there’s a marked difference between the types of diet food delivered. Some stand by delivering fresh produce while the rest offers meals that have a long shelf life. You will need to work out a balance between the quality and price of the meals. Reading reviews of these companies will provide you with more information while you try to determine the service that best fit your needs.

One crucial aspect to take note of is to study the menu of the diet plan. Are the portion enough to keep you full without charging exorbitantly. Some companies have affordable prices for their meals, but the serving portions are inadequate. You should also take note of the variety of ingredients implemented in the meals as these will help you arrive at an informed decision.

Finally, make sure to read the fine print of any service you would like, including the cancellation process in case you are unhappy. A few companies provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which would be considered a key advantage in choosing a diet meal delivery program.